Monday, August 8, 2011

More Dogs (Good Grief!)


Her name comes not from Dobbie Gillis but from F. Scott Fitzgerald. Well, that's the way it fits her.

It actually came to her as the last name in a book of baby names-----but that is another story.

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Zelda was sweet and loving and self-centered and manipulative and beautiful and blonde.

So, I give you Exhibit A:

She is shaved down for summer so her Cocker coat doesn't show. But she does not mind. She KNOWS that she is beautiful.

She is also willful and very, very active. She dances for her food. She runs the full length of the yard chasing the scents of cats, skunks and other unknown and unseen critters. She scampers up stairs and races around the circle of the house.

Until yesterday.

She lay on the bed and just looked at me. And she shook her head.

In Cocker speak that usually means ear problems. But examination of that region showed nothing. No odd smell, no redness, no dirt, no swelling. Nothing that would denote a problem.

Then she scratched at her neck. And, being a good dog detective, I looked in the fold of her neck.


Her collar had rubbed her raw. And a LARGE ECZEMA patch had formed.

So off to the doctor we go. Well, not me. The spouse had to take her.

So now we have ZELDA on STEROIDS.

This should be lots of fun.......

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