Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rest of the Chidren

I don't often talk about my cats. Don't know why. They are just always here and I play with them and clean up after them and do all the things that cat mommies do.

I just don't talk about them alot.

So let me introduce them.

Putter (up top) and Diamond
Now you must understand that my cats love to lounge. As illustrated above.

And they love to lounge where dogs will be most annoyed with their lounging. As illustrated above.

You see, that particular cat tree is blocking the gate into catland. The one and only room in the house reserved exclusively for cats. It has a restaurant with table service, clean and tidy restrooms, cozy beds, luxurious trees and sunshine. It also has hidy-holes and high places for amusement and relaxation.

Mostly it has maid service. Me. And it is dog-free. At all times.

So the tower upon which they prefer to lounge (see above illustration) is JUST outside the gate to catland. It is officially in DOGland. But the dogs are short and the tower is tall.

It is also the place where humans must pass in order to enter their sleeping room. So scritchy-scratching is guaranteed at this placement. This also drives dogs out of their minds.

Dogs do not understand why a human would touch a cat. It is simply beyond comprehension. And requires significant whining to advise the human of their error in judgment.

By the way, Putter and Diamond have never been outside. They live entirely in the home of humans and dogs. And guess who rules?

Stupid question.

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  1. Oh great, now Max is going to expect a room just for cats. Especially since I don't think he considers Buddah to be a cat...

    Better keep him off the computer today ;)