Saturday, August 27, 2011

Schools Out

My offspring finishes her last class in law school today. At exactly 4:30pm.

Five years ago, (I think) I offered her a job. Actually, I made a deal with her. I would move to the Central Coast, open a business here, hire her at a wage matching her current one, and pay her law school tuition. If, and only if, that is what she wanted to do.

I was still going to move to the coast and open a business but I would have to hire a legal assistant if she didn't want to go on to school.

She thought about it and decided that she would go to law school on line. There are no ABA accredited schools in our area. The closest State accredited on was a 2 hour drive away and there were two on line schools that were getting decent reviews.

She made the decision based on all the facts. She knew what kind of law she wanted to practice. She knew that she would not be leaving the State of California to practice and she knew that she would be part of my business or running her own.

So four years ago she began.

Her first lesson was that her parental units (both lawyers) were no help. We had forgotten everything (or nearly everything) that first years are taught.

But she studied and she did well. Then she did better. Then she did best.

She began to join in the discussions at work with the me and with the civil attorneys.

Then the attorneys started going to her to get ideas and discuss issues.

I watched her go through the process of learning to think like a lawyer. It was amazing.

And now she is done with school. There is just one more hurdle. The Bar Exam.

And I know that she will approach that with the same methodical tenacity that produced the woman who is treated like a lawyer already.

I am proud but not surprised.

Well, I am surprised. I am surprised that I am in any way related to such a sparkling young, strong woman.

Schools Out.

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  1. Bar exam, piece o'cake for someone who can take on a major task like law school online. Major congrats to her and to mom!