Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Buckaroo Time

I will admit that I haven't been writing much on this blog of late.

I have an EXCUSE. A Real one

I got an iphone. I finally turned in my Droid for an iphone. I still feel like a traitor.

BUT---we had to integrate everything at the office and in order to use the ipad (that I won!!!!!) to its fullest extent it was just easier to cave in and go Jobs over Gates.

And "What", do you say "Does that have to do with your lazzzzy backside not writing on your blog??"


I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures from there to here. The camera wouldn't let me go to my usual upload.

But being a smart, articulate, resourceful woman, I did what any woman in my position would have done. I admitted my faults to my daughter and she showed me how to do it.

So NOW I can tell you about the deer.

Well, to be exact, I will tell you more about the deer.

Every evening, just before sunset they come into the front yard.

The does and fawns come first.

And then the bucks.
That is the 4 pointer. There is a six pointer but he is a bit more skittish and then there is one that is just breaking his horns.

They hang around eating the plums that have fallen and, since it is so dry, the grass. They ignore the juniper but they like the new salvia plants. Please note that the leaf line on all the trees is about deer head height!

They circle the house...going to the oak arroyo on the south to eat the acorns, then across the back to the lilac trees on the neighbor's land.

Their last stop is their nesting area to the north west of us. I pass them every morning on my way out. And if I get lucky they are there when I get home at night.

I often stop and roll down the window and stare at them. They stare back. They somehow know they are safe here and that Mel and I won't harm them.

The peace and beauty that these gentle creatures bring to us, here on our mountain, is indescribable. It is worth the drive over a mile of dirt road to come to this every night.

I think I love this place.

Yeah, I do.

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  1. Very beautiful :)

    We're going in the opposite direction...Spouse Thingy just gave up his iPhone for an android phone, and if mine keeps draining the battery the way it does, I'll be doing the same next year.

    Love my Mac Air and iMac, though :)