Friday, October 5, 2012

Yesterday Melodie and I went for lunch at a deli on High St. It is called the High Street Deli. Catchy....

Dan used to go there whenever he was in San Luis. I never went with him.

Until yesterday. His presence was palpable. I could see him at one of the cramped barrel tables, perched on a stool eating potato chips and waiting for his sandwich. I could hear him laughing with the girl at the cash register.

I have had a lot of those days lately.

I want him to come back and somewhere in me I don't understand why he can't do that.

I feel like a child.

Then today one of the court interpreters reminded me of something. Every morning when you open your eyes be thankful because some people can't see. When you smell your coffee be thankful for some can't smell. And when you feel, be especially grateful for so many can't.

I am trying very, very hard to be thankful.

Maybe it is time for a bit of a cry.

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  1. He's there--you can feel him there. Most people don't have that perception; I know I very, very rarely do, and the people I sense are not the ones I would expect. Maybe you can't hear his voice or reach over and slug him on the arm, but you feel him there.

    Nothing wrong with a good cry, either...or being angry, or being sad. Talk to him. Tell him how cheated you feel. He'll hear you.