Thursday, October 25, 2012


I don't know if I have ever told the story of Ladybug. If I have then tonight is a very good time to tell it again.

It was in early October. I remember because she was 8 weeks old and she was born on August 10, 1996. The breeder that we had contacted to get Mohawk brought an extra puppy with her.

They came from Fallon, Utah. The breeder came with at least 8 puppies. Mohawk was one. Six others were from her kennel. But one, one little, itty-bitty, runt of the litter, dressed in black and white (with little tan eyebrows) came from a kennel that belonged to a friend of hers.

They had come through a terrible wind storm in Nevada. The breeder couldn't stop and let the puppies out so, when they arrived at our place, they ALL needed a bath and a place to run around. Our backyard was perfect.

Mohawk wasn't much of a player. He seemed to be trying to figure things out. But the littlest one, the little, itty-bitty runt was running everywhere and ordering (or trying to order) the other pups about.

My camera was suppose to be taking film of Mohawk. It kept drifting (all by itself) to that energetic ball of fur.

We transacted our business about Mohawk and the breeder was off to her brother's home in Palmdale.

That night Mel asked me if we could spare another $250.00. The next morning I drove to Palmdale and Ladybug became part of our life. She fit perfectly in the pocket of Mel's robe and he would carry her around with her head peeking out.

She took over our hearts and she and Mohawk were NEVER apart.

We had them trained (actually, we got trained) at the American School of Dog Obedience in Bakersfield. And wherever we took them they were well-behaved and happy.

Both of them loved to chase a tennis ball. So we took them to the local school grounds where they had a fenced in baseball field. We would turn them loose and watch them run. Mohawk was much faster in the long run but Ladybug was a great sprinter. And heaven help us if birds landed. (That is why we went for the fenced area) Neither one would listen if there was a bird to chase.

But tonight I sit by her little bed where she sleeps. She refused food this morning. She almost falls if she tries to walk. She did drink some water and I got some food down her tonight.

But Mel and I both know that it is a matter of time now.

She is peaceful. She is not in any apparent pain. She just sleeps and breathes lightly. Her body, tiny but tough, is finally giving out. Ever so slowly.

Mohawk stands by her and whines. That is one reason that I am sure that she is leaving us.

It will be a long night.

But I also must say.....she has fooled us before.

I will keep vigil and keep you posted.

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  1. Awww... I hope she continues to have no pain. This is the hardest part of being owned by furry creatures; they give us so much that it's hard to know what to hope for the most when they're old, that they hang around for us, or go off peacefully for themselves.

    Here's to hoping that no matter what, Ladybug has an easy time of it.