Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Ocean

I was driving home tonight. I went the back way.I just wasn't up to a freeway. Besides, after the recent rain, the back way is green and clean and beautiful.

But it was late. It was dark and I was the only car on the road.

At least I was until I came over the hill into Pismo Beach. The road looks straight down to the ocean. Coming over the ridge I am mesmerized by the waves that are breaking half a mile down the hill on an iridescent white beach. And I want to cry.

Dan would sit and watch those waves. Sometimes he would do it alone. Sometimes he would do it with friends. And sometimes, some very special times, he would do it with me. And a cup of tea.

I can't go to where we use to sit and drink tea but when I come home the back way and I see the ocean, Dan is all I can think about.

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