Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vocal Arts Fundraiser

So last night Vocal Arts has this fundraiser. One of our members is by avocation, a chef. And quite a good one at that. He offered his services, a member offered her house (what a house) and we served and entertained 50 people at a goodly price per plate.

But the dinner took awhile to be served and there were lots of people providing entertainment. So while the goodly people who opened their wallets for our organization ate themselves silly. We waited to perform.

One of our stalwart show-stopping acts in a group called The Bald Spots. They have been together for sometime and do do-wop songs. That is a far cry from our usual classical schtick. And they are good and they are funny. Five "over-the-hill" guys having a lot of fun.

But, well, they had to wait, too........

Brian will be happy to know that he did NOT snore. And someone did throw a blanket over him.

Please notice the letterman's jacket. All the Bald Spots have them. They are very spiffy. They go with these fashion statement shoes.......

 Now those ARE spiffy....

I must say the night went well. The food was great and we made some operating money.

Not bad for one night of looking at those shoes!

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  1. Actually, the back stage party for the performers was rockin' Good food, good champagne, and good companionship. Sherry knocked my socks off - who knew?