Thursday, March 10, 2011

Preparing for trial

I can't tell you anything about the case (confidentiality and all that good stuff....) but I can tell you that from the minute that negotiations broke down today until the trial is over (probably on Thursday) it will always be on my mind. I will dream about it.

I will see simple daily scenes that I can use in a good closing argument. I will overhear people talking and remind myself to discuss that particular bias or thought pattern in my voir dire questions. I will read speeches and poems for use in arguments.

I will talk to the expert another 2-3 times. I will discuss the underlying theory with other defense attorneys that I respect and trust. I will write notes on the computer and lose them. (It doesn't matter, they are now in my brain) I will reread for the millionth time the evidence code notebook.I will rework my trial notebook.

I will take every road, trail, footpath and track that I can think of to its logical (I hope) conclusion.

All of this I will do while I think I am being totally normal with my family, my dogs, my cats, the grocery clerks, the restaurant servers and anyone else with whom I come in contact.

I am told that this last sentence is a complete hallucination on my part. Apparently, while preparing for trial , I am a bit of a myopic, tyrannical, offspring of a velociraptor. I don't see it but I have noticed that the dogs tend to avoid me during these periods of work.

Zelda did take a dog cookie from me tonight. She is asleep in the other room right now. So is everyone else.

I don't get it...........;-)

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  1. Funny enough, a lot of that sounds like writing. But, you know, no one's freedom or anything rests on how well my end product comes out...