Saturday, March 12, 2011


I must say that spending my weekend trying to figure out what the other side is thinking is kinda like early relationship dating. Does he know about this? Does he do xxx this way? How do I stop that without pissing off everyone. Or better yet, how do I stop him without him knowing? That is a real trick.

I have done it many times but it is a very personal thing. I usually have to know the person on the other side or have people who know.

I've got a green as grass prosecutor on this one. So I must be careful. If the trial goes in a certain way then I can plan to do X. If it goes in another I must do Y.

So today I stew and conjure and reevaluate.

I always do this.

Even though I know that Monday I will walk into court and do exactly what I do every time. I will stop actively thinking. If someone were to ask me why I said something or did something, I would not be able to tell them. I just do it. After 25 or so years I think I am entitled to the Nike logo.

But until then, I will stew, conjure, reevaluate, fuss and fume. I will rework my case until it has spawned baby neurons in my head. And 24 hours after the verdict those neurons will be as dead as the ones I killed with alcohol. I won't remember a thing about the case. Jettisoned. Gone.

What matters is what happens in between the creation and the expulsion.

So if you will excuse me I have to nurture a few brain cells.

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