Monday, April 4, 2011

Hijacking email

OK. You read about it every day. Hacking, phishing all that stuff. It happens to other guys who don't have good firewalls or complicated passwords or have their virus protection turned off. Right? Wrong.

It happened to me and I do all the right things. Apparently, the idiots who got all those thousands of emails at Epsilon got mine. And tried to send out a bunch of emails from my account.

I was minding my own business. Using my email for business and it just shut down. Bam! Gone. And I could not get back in.

So the old lady calls upon the Kid. Within 5 minutes she has it figured out. It was the firewall and complicated password and virus protection and good email provider that kept me from having a complete cyber-breakdown.

Then I got mad. Real mad. It is so STUPID! If it is a game to see if you are smarter than somebody else, I get it. But to use some shmoze email just to spread nasty stuff is really beyond my comprehension. And I do criminal defense work so there is very little on the motivational chart that I haven't heard or that I don't in some dark corner of my mind, understand.

This is stupid. It is nameless. It is harm without any passion or reason of any kind.

I guess I won't be doing any cyber-crime defense for awhile.

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