Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes you do things right

Maybe I was a little young when I got married. Nineteen is a bit on the immature side. Especially for me. I was over protected and spoiled. Princess issues abounded.

But a year and a half later, Melodie entered the world.

I had no idea what to do with a baby. I was the baby and I had never even babysat a tiny human. I was terrified.

But somewhere along the way, I started to figure it out. 

Melodie and Mom @1974-Minor, North Dakota
I never did it very well. I made mistakes that were horrendous. And I am not sure why she made it through her childhood alive with me as a parent. But she is loved.

Melodie and Mom-Spring-Minot, North Dakota
There were times, especially when I was in law school, that she learned things that no eleven year old should ever know. Or see. Or hear. But we both survived.

I look at her now and I am in awe. She is brilliant and beautiful and strong. She doesn't know that all the time. None of us ever do. But she shines in such a way that others notice.

She sings in the Vocal Arts. I was afraid that when I joined I would somehow make the group less hers. Not a chance. Melodie can stand her own ground and make her own way.

Sometimes you do something right.

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  1. It's amazing how well kids turn out in spite of us LOL There are days I wonder why my kid isn't really, really screwed up...and if he is, he hides it well :)

    (You suffered through Minot...we suffered through Grand Forks. Freaking COLD winters!)