Friday, April 29, 2011


Moving an office is a pain.

A royal pain. (Like that---my acknowledgement of something happening over the pond? Cute, right?)

But it is a royal pain.

Everything has to get boxed and moved to the new place. While I am still working.

So I have to be able to access on line files and forms, answer phone calls and emails and go to court.

So the trusty assistant (AKA=The Kid) boxed everything. Old files that we have to keep. Legal research. Books of legal junk. Code books. Office supplies (good god, I live in sticky square hell!) and the ever present, but absolutely necessary PERSONAL ITEMS.

These mean penguins of various modes and shapes. All of which make me smile. So they stay at the office.

And then the most important reminder of all--a little magnet that says "Leap and the Net will Appear"

So far, the net has always appeared.

And so I leap again.

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  1. The inherent wrongness of the act is why Max refers to it as the M-word... ;)