Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank you, Kit

I got pictures from my ex-husband today. It took him 30 years but all the pictures that he took and saved of our life together (including Melodie's baby pictures) are coming to me. I directly thank him, Melodie and Dropbox!

I have looked at this first batch most of today. I have been running memories through my mind in no particular order.

There was so much that I have forgotten. I don't remember where some of the pictures were taken or when. I don't remember what was going on when some were taken or (worse yet) who some of the people are. But it has been a bittersweet day.

I put one picture on my facebook page of me wearing a halter top. I don't even remember owning one much less having the guts to wear it! I remember thinking of myself as fat but I was obviously undernourished! Good Lord!!!!!

But the best picture, for me, was this one

I have always maintained that I have not been a good mother. This picture reminded me that the things that I did- working three jobs at a time, finishing 3 years of college in 2, going to law school full time and working every day- was because I love her so very, very much.

That, I think, makes me a very good mother.

Two misperceptions of myself shot down in one day.

Thank you, Kit for all the good years and for giving us Melodie.

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