Sunday, May 1, 2011

Moving: Reprise

Moving an office is a ROYAL PAIN. I do believe I repeat myself.

Moving is a pain in the ***.

What is really bad about the whole thing is not the packing. Although that has its major drawbacks. Nor is it the actual loading of the truck by others (I shall explain in a bit)

It is the unpacking and getting the office up and running as if nothing happened over a weekend when no one else is working so when the internet doesn't connect and the phone doesn't work you are.......well, you get the picture.

Other than no internet and no phone-which means new clients can't reach me and old clients think I ran out on them. (No Mrs. Smith-Jones-Harry, we just had a few technical difficulties during our move. Remember, I told you about the move. I realize you didn't think it would affect you but unfortunately.....)

But back to the others loading the truck. We have a company in SLO called Meathead Movers. I always loved the name and the business model. They are former jocks from the local university and they hire jocks. They train them and demand that they stay in shape. So they grab boxes take them to the truck and jog back to grab the next thing. All day. Running. Young, cute, personable and built like .......well, I digress.

The point is they had three (count them, 3) law offices transferred to the new digs in 5 hours. Files, desks, computers, everything. Oh, the new digs are upstairs. And so were the old digs. Those guys were moving. (Like that pun?)

All that was left was the unpacking. Melodie and I are still at it. By 5 today it was beginning to look like a real live law office. Empty banker boxes were disappearing into the home garage and I actually got some research done. Using a book, for god's sake! A book!

Where's my internet?

Stay tuned for the further adventures of moving at law!

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