Thursday, May 26, 2011

Diamond and Putter

I have been very lax in talking about my cats. They are rescue babies and we have had them since 2003. They don't like dogs. But they love to tease them.

First, let me introduce them.

This is Diamond.

She is bright and feisty. She likes to sit on the stairs and wait until the dogs want to use the stairs. Then she will hiss and scream. But she won't move.

The dogs have learned that they can whine and bark but they can not get any closer to her.

Only Zelda has gotten close to her without threat of harm. Zelda doesn't whine at her or bark. She just wags her tail.

Then there is Putter.

She hides. She likes the top of cabinets and the underside of beds. Closets are favorite hidy-holes. I have learned to leave closet doors slightly open so she doesn't get trapped.

Putter HATES Zelda but really likes LadyBug. Don't ask me why. LadyBug is the whiner and will go crazy when she sees ANY cat.

So, there has always been a cat area and a dog area in our homes.

Dogs have outside access. Cats do not. Dogs can go in the kitchen. Cats can not (don't lick my butter, Diamond!_Dogs have their own crates. Cats have their own room.

Yup. A Cat Room. Just for them. Litterboxes, Dinner Table (a real table), Cat Trees, Cabinets (I do store things in them but the purpose is for comfort in high places) Lots of cat beds and blankets and toys.

They are not spoiled.

Not at all.

Oh, the cabinet reaches right to the heater vent. Very nice on a nippy night.

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