Friday, May 20, 2011

Here We Go with the Animals AGAIN!!!!

Sorry, but I just can't help myself.

When you are all prepared to lose your best friend of 15 years and then you get them back......well, I tend to go a bit nuts.

Yeah, LadyBug is a dog. An American Cocker Spaniel. There are two other Cocker Spaniels here.

Mohawk waiting for a lap

Zelda-the Imp

And two rescue cats by the names of Diamond and Putter.


The cats don't get a lot of public attention. They like it that way. They hide under the bed or on top of the cabinets. They sit in their cat trees and tease the dogs. Then they go back to sleep. Mostly they eat, tease the dogs and sleep. It is not often I can get a picture of them.

But the dogs are different. They like to hang with people. When someone described Cockers as "merry" they were right on. They are generally happy creatures. They just want food and attention. And a little more food.

They love to sit on your lap and sleep. Comfort is number 3 on the list of needs. Food and attention being 1 and 2. And not necessarily in that order.

So when LadyBug began her recovery, we took nursing her very seriously. We watched her. We held her. We fed her (even when she didn't want to eat).

And as she gets better, we are making absolutely sure that she is comfortable.

What can I say? PetsMart had a sale on little pink dog beds.

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  1. Tsk. I would never pamper my pets like that.


    Don't you go looking at their blogs...