Friday, May 6, 2011

New Offices and Such

In our old office, Melodie was right outside my door.

The door was usually open and we could hear everything that the other one was saying.

If the door was closed (like I had a client or something nefarious like that) I would "bellow" for her if I needed her.

It was very convenient but a bit close for comfort at times.

But the new office is VERY different.

We are separated into different offices on different floors.

This makes BELLOWING really BELLOWING and most embarrassing for the receiving party. Thus, alternative methods had to be developed.

Well, it turns out that there is a thing called "Talk" on Google that creates a private chat. It works better than bellowing and it has a little chime that lets me know that Melodie has sent me a message.

So today, she BELLOWS at me, "Turn down the volume. I can hear your computer down here."

I threatened to turn the chime into a duck call. She threatened to quit.

I turned down the volume.

Yeah, I run my own office..............

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