Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Dogs and New Tricks

If I may be allowed one more post about the saga of LadyBug. (Well, ok, I will probably do more. But I thought I should apologize for being a bit "Motherly" on the subject)

As per doctor's instructions, we kept LadyBug lightly sedated for about 48 hours so she wouldn't be so freaked out about the world spinning. Try to remember your first drunk and then imagine that you didn't know you really existed and all that you knew was that what you knew wasn't there anymore. In other words, think like a dog who is really seasick and drunk.

Anyway, we had to give her water and food through a feeding syringe because she 1) didn't want to put anything in her stomach (she was seasick, 'member?) and 2) she couldn't figure out how to lick when the world was spinning cuz she didn't know what to aim her tongue at.

But yesterday she started lapping water if you put the bowl right under her nose. And she started walking (staggering, sorta) in a straight (more or less) line. Last night she licked peanut butter off my finger.

I was ecstatic!

So this morning I put some soft dog food on a plate and put it under her nose. She took a lick and then another. She waited a bit and then she licked some more. She ate about a quarter of a little can.

I was really excited!

Then tonight Mel reported that she scarfed down half a can and wanted more!

We are on are way to a full recovery.

Her head tilts to the right and she hates to have anything on her left but she is beginning to run and she can make it up stairs.

Tomorrow we will try for down the stairs.

She may be 15 years old (that's somewhere between 76 and 96 depending on what doggy year calculator you use) but she has some tricks up her sleeves!

The biggest one is NEVER GIVE UP!

Oh, did I mention that the first lick she gave, even before the water, was to my nose?

Some dog!

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