Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

From the first day that I thought she could understand, I told Melodie not to get me anything for Mother's Day. I did not want to celebrate that day.

I told her to start with that I celebrated being her mom every day.

Later I let her know that I really was pissed that Hallmark was making a fortune by making up a holiday and selling it.

For years she respected that. So did Melvin.

Then, as I got older......well, as I realized I was getting OLD, I got a little conservative (AUGH!!!!I SAID THAT WORD!!!!) and I told her that a little card wouldn't be out of line.

We were sitting in a restaurant in Las Vegas (I think). She was laughing so hard that tears were running down her face. I left for the necessary room and when I came back there was a paper napkin on my plate.I opened it up and it said:

Per your request

Happy Mother's Day

Melodie and Jed

I still haven't quit laughing.

She still doesn't send me a card. (Thank, the spirits!)

But Melvin, occasionally breaks the rules. He says it is just cuz I like things like this.

And this

And I really do.

And it is such a privilege to be in the lives of my Mel's. I don't need Hallmark to tell me that.

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  1. "Per your request" made me actually LOL...

    I'm kind of the same way about Mother's Day, known between my friends and I as "Obligatory Maternal Attention Day," or OMAD. They love the day, but understand why I think it's kind of a odd thing...

    Still, I did not mind that I was able to sleep in because the Spouse Thingy fed the cats when he got home, and he picked up donuts and a rose for me on his way home from work ;)